Telecom Fm Gsm Bri2 Sim Router 2g

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  • Intelligent call routing, there is no requirement for dedicated ports on the PBX and no PBX re-programming is required
  • Network fail-safe - the GSM-Route BRI will adapt to loss of either the GSM or ISDN network and continue to provide a partial service
  • Wireless Local Loop operation - the GSM-Route BRI is capable of operating as a wireless local loop without being connected to an ISDN network
  • Automatically detects the ISDN configuration of the basic rate interface and adapts to either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint operation
  • PBX least cost routing over-ride allows the customer to take advantage of indirect access savings as well as lower GSM costs
  • Multi-network - the product can be set up to support multiple networks with dual GSM modules and locked to those networks to prevent abuse
  • Remote management via TelecomFM’s Digital Management Centre. It will provide statistical operational information, detailed real-time diagnostics and allow itself to be reconfigured to maintain its cost effectiveness in a competitive market

TelecomFM’s GSM-Route BRI has been developed to enable major mobile carriers and resellers to convert outgoing and incoming calls from ISDN to mobile, thus enabling end customers to take advantage of cost savings.

The GSM-Route BRI will automatically detect its environment and will adapt accordingly, providing a robust fail-safe operation.

The GSM-Route BRI is compact, versatile and reliable, and offers cost effectiveness in a competitive market.

The deployed GSM-Route BRI can provide regular management information and can be reconfigured via the TelecomFM Digital Management Centre, so keeping it in line with market conditions and maintaining the competitive edge for our customers.

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