Panasonic KX-A406 Wireless Repeater

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The Panasonic KX-A406 is a DECT Repeater for extending the range of your wireless Telephones, making it ideal for large homes and offices. The KX-A406 repeater is compatible with domestic DECT phones as well as the Panasonic KX-TGP600 Cordless Phone system. If using the Panasonic KX-A406 repeater with the KX-TGP600 Phone system, you will benefit from additional features which are supplied from the system as opposed to the repeater itself. Please see features below.

Features with Panasonic KX-TGP600 cordless phone system

  • Cascade Repeaters - Up to 3 units to daisy chain repeaters to massively increase range
  • Max Range of repeater: 50m indoor, 200m outdoor
  • Compatible with Wideband audio
  • Can manage up to 4 calls simultaneously
  • Register up to 6 units to the KX-TGP600

Features with Panasonic DECT cordless phone

  • Compatible with Domestic Panasonic DECT Cordless phones
  • Max Range: 50m indoor, 200m outdoor
  • DECT Cordless System can only have 6 DECT units registered at one time. This includes the repeater.
  • Only 1 call on the system at any one time
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