Jabra Handset Lifter for Pro 920

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Greater convenience. Enabling true wireless freedom. 

With the Jabra GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter, you can answer and end calls directly from your wireless headset without having to return to your desk. The Jabra GN1000 works with virtually any telephone and can be installed in just a few minutes. 

  • True wireless headset freedom for use with most desk phones
  • Enables remote answer/end of call
  • Universal design
  • Special magnetic-field technology as ring sensor to avoid false calls

When using a wireless headset, you usually have to physically lift/replace the handset on your telephone to answer and end calls. Now, thanks to the Jabra GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter, you can lift and replace the handset via your wireless headset. When you hear the ring tone through your headset, simply push the button and you’re connected. And at the end of the call, just push the button again to hang up. 

Unlike other handset lifters that must be carefully adjusted to detect frequency-specific sounds, the Jabra GN1000 actually senses the magnetic field of the phone’s speaker. When the phone rings, the lifter sends a signal to your headset’s base to let you know there’s an incoming call. That means you’ll never miss a call. 

There are no compatibility or reliability worries either. The Jabra GN1000’s design is based on a comprehensive study of telephone specifications so it works with virtually all business telephones produced over the past 20 years. And in special endurance tests, it has lifted and lowered heavy handsets over 100,000 times without failure. Perhaps best of all, the Jabra GN1000 is incredibly easy to install – usually in less than two minutes!

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